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GEM has three types of membership. The commission is eager for new members of all types and is keen to involve local, regional, national, and international organizations with objectives similar to those of GEM.

Branch Members
These are groups that contribute actively to the goals of the Commission at national or regional levels. They attend annual meetings, manage GEM membership within their own jurisdiction, and are permitted to use the commission's name for conferences and promotional material. They receive all publications created by the Commission. The annual fee for Branch Members in USD 1000.

Supporting Members
Individuals and organizations such as Geological Surveys, Ministries, Universities, Laboratories, Oil and Mining Companies, Consultancies, etc. that wish to contribute to the objectives of the Commission can do so by becoming a supporting member. They receive publications of GEM, and upon request may be permitted to use the Commission's name for promotional purposes and outreach. The annual fee for Supporting Members is USD 50.

Corresponding Members
These are active contributors to the objectives of GEM that provide the Secretary-General with new information on progress made in the field of geo-science for environmental management that can be included in GEM and IUGS publications and websites. They are encouraged to host workshops and meetings in collaboration with GEM in their countries. Members receive publications of GEM. Corresponding Membership is free.

All parties interested GEM membership, please contact the Secretary-General:
Dr. Brian Marker
40 Kingsdown Avenue
W13 9PT
United Kingdom
Tel+44 20 8567 5946